How Does Reward XP Work?

Earn XP by answering surveys and exploring offers.

Redeem XP for gift cards and gaming currency.

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Let’s start with the most common question we get asked:

Why would anyone pay me to watch videos, download a new app, play games, or fill out surveys?”

The answer is simple: it’s good marketing.

By paying you to test out their campaigns or submit feedback on their products, companies reach a qualified demographic of consumers who have expressed interest in their brand. They can then use the data they get from their valuable interactions with you to refine their strategy, reach more customers and grow their brand.
We earn a small percentage of every offer our members complete, which is why we are able to present these opportunities to members all over the world.

It's easy to start earning with Reward XP:

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Earn XP

We connect you with the best offerwalls and survey routers through our curated Earn and Explore sections.

Answer online surveys, watch videos, download apps, play games, and complete other special offers to earn XP.


Redeem Your Reward

Redeem your XP for a variety of rewards. We process all requests within 4-24 hours.

Choose from a variety of rewards - PayPal money, Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, gaming currency like Riot Points, and more.


Why choose Reward XP?

Reward XP’s mission is to provide our members a simple way to earn more.

We do the hard work of sifting through thousands opportunities to curate only the ones that are worth our members’ time and effort.

Our goal is to make everyone feel seen, heard and respected, from GPT experts to those who are just starting out, as we provide earning opportunities for our members in countries all over the world.

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We are dedicated to building an online community that is supportive, respectful, and radically positive because we believe that earning extra money should be a fun and rewarding experience for all. 

Earning Free PayPal Money

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Gift Cards & Rewards

Free VISA Gift Cards

$5.00 - $200.00

Amazon Gift

$5.00 - $200.00

Discord Nitro Rewards

$5.00 - $200.00

Steam Gift Cards

$10.00 - $200.00


$10.00 - $200.00

PayPal Money

$5.00 - $200.00

PSN Codes

$5.00 - $200.00

Xbox Gift Card Codes

$5.00 - $200.00

Nintendo eShop Codes

$10.00 - $200.00

MasterCard Gift Cards

$5.00 - $200.00